Tina Guo: The Rains of Castamere

An arrangement of the haunting “Rains of Castamere” played on Cello and the traditional Chinese Erhu.


so I really really wanted to watch In the Flesh and I was trying so hard to find a way around my phobia of people being eaten and, by extension, zombies so that i could do the thing

and then there was a gifset of all the mentions of kieran’s suicide, including what i presume was a shot of his slashed wrists

and that’s not a thing i’m going to try to watch anymore for my own care

Are you okay with reading it without seeing the visuals? Because the scripts for the whole show are posted up http://www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom/scripts/In-the-Flesh-Series-2 if that’s something you’re more comfortable with. If not, that’s ok. It’s a really intense show that I know isn’t for everyone. It does a good job of dealing with real issues like suicide, but I know it can be a little overwhelming for people. Even for people who aren’t triggered by anything come out of watching the show feeling too many feels.

"You’re born with a ton of fucks to give, so you spend them like a kid with a credit card. You give fucks about your friends, about your grades, about your fashion sense, about strangers’ opinions. You give way too many fucks about way too many things. You have so many. Then, as you get older, you have maybe 10 fucks per month, so you learn to budget them. You allocate fucks to family and career, but there aren’t enough fucks to give to the newest fads. Oh, someone at work has something they need my help with that’s outside my job title? I’ll do my best to allocate some fucks, but this month is pretty tight. Then, as you get even older, you’re down to 1-2 fucks per month, and those fucks are pretty damn precious. You give them to your family and your hobbies and your job, and that’s kinda it. It’s not your fault – fucks expire too quickly. I would’ve liked to save my fucks from when I was younger but I can’t. Then, you hit fuck insolvency. You’re getting like 1 fuck a year, and you have to make it last. So you go without, and even previously fuck-worthy things, you just can’t give a fuck. Some people run out really quickly, Some people have a fuck trust fund that pays out a decent amount even into old age. But at some point, the fuck faucet runs completely dry and you’re out of fucks to give. It’s just basic Fuckonomics."

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How can we start a retirement plan

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the best from in the flesh scripts

keep it togETHER SIMON


me too kieren, me too


me too kieren, me too

Emmett Scanlan and his cats, Pancake and Star Lord  [x] [x]

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The 6th Spice Girl. [via]




The 6th Spice Girl. [via]


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my anaconda don’t want none



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luke newberry at the launch party for hunger magazine [x]

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